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Optoelectronics Course

Dr. Ted Dellin

This course is available as an 8 3/4 Hour narrated E learning course


     The importance of optoelectronics is growing rapidly.  Semiconductor optoelectronics is used to convert light into electricity (photodiode, solar cell) and to convert electricity into light (LED, laser diodes) .  This introductory, survey  course provides an easy-to-understand, intuitive approach to understanding semiconductor optoelectronics.    The only prerequisite is an introductory college physics course.

      The course consists of 17 modules as shown in the outline below.  The course includes the basic properties of semiconductors, how light is absorbed and emitted by semiconductors and the important devices (photodiode, solar cell, LED, laser diode).  Use the link above to see some sample slides.  Please note that the semiconductor and junction sections of this course are very similar to the corresponding sections of the VQS Microelectronics course.

      The  course is designed for engineers, scientists, technicians, managers, salesmen and investors.

Module Topics and Narration Time
1.1.   Introduction 33 minutes
2.2.   Optics Review 36 minutes
3.    Review (Structure of atom, Current and Voltage, Scientific Notation) 36 minutes
4.    Semiconductors Are Special (properties not found in metals; crystals) 28 minutes
5.    Electrons and Holes (conduction & valance band, generation & recombination) 41 minutes
6.    Doping (n and p type semiconductors) 32 minutes
7.    Currents (Diffusion and drift) 10 minutes
8.    pn Junction (charge layer, electric field, diffusion barrier) 20 minutes
9.    Effect of voltage on pn junction (controls diffusion barrier, diode current vs. voltage) 22 minutes
10.  Compound  Semiconductors (Alloys, Heterotaxy)  26 minutes
11.  Direct and Indirect Semiconductors (Effect on absorption and emission) 31 minutes
12.  Light Absorption (creates electron/hole pair)  17 minutes
13.  Photodiode (pn junction reverse bias, photocurrent)  46 minutes
14.  Solar Cell ( power generation, small vs. large bandgap semiconductors) 44 minutes
15.  Light Emission (spontaneous & stimulated emission; junction and heterojunction)  41 minutes
16.  LED (match semiconductor to light emission, optical effects)  20 minutes
17   Laser Diode (structure, threshold current, edge emitting;, VCSEL) 29 minutes
Total Time: 8 hours, 42 minutes

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